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Want to write for a living and use your profits to travel the planet?

How about doing both at the same time?

Hi - I'm Kevin Casey, professional copywriter and global explorer.

I fund all my overseas adventures through freelance writing - and you can too!



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I run my own freelance writing business from wherever I choose to be in the world - and it provides me with an amazing life.


There is no better time to become a freelance writer than right now. The hunger for all kinds of written content is stronger than ever. Businesses are crying out for SEO writers, social media communication experts, lifestyle bloggers, persuasive copywriters, eBook creators, ghost writers, case study experts, annual report writers and much more.


But despite this high demand, many of today’s writers still struggle - especially in the beginning of their freelancing careers. They struggle to find work that pays more than peanuts. They struggle to land high-paying clients that value their skills. They struggle to sift through the contradictory advice of countless ‘experts’ about the best ways to market their writing business.


Snorkellers on coral reef


This blog is all about how to become a successful, location-independent, in-demand writer - and some of the amazing things you can do with the money you make. You'll find real-world tips on how to start up your own copywriting business, become a better writer, find quality clients and steadily improve your profits. If you love to travel, freelance copywriting is the perfect choice - it's truly a job you can take with you.


I'm constantly adding in-depth articles to the Blog page, so please check these out and feel free to join in the discussions if you like. Here you'll find solid, no-hype advice about how to find great clients, market your services and target the industries and niches that offer the most lucrative prospects. There are handy tips on copywriting, travel, wilderness exploration, the digital nomad lifestyle and much more - everything you need to know to become a successful Jet-setting Copywriter!

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If you've ever thought about combining writing with travel, adventure and a flexible lifestyle, The Jet-setting Copywriter eBook is the perfect place to start. It explains the step-by-step processes I used to get where I am today - and it contains information you will not find anywhere else. Here's a recent reader review. Make sure you peruse the Resources page too - these book and website recommendations will save you lots of time and effort as you develop your freelancing lifestyle.


I like to think of The Jet-setting Copywriter as a BS-free zone for aspiring writers. I've created it to be the kind of site I wish I'd had when I was first starting out as a freelancer - with no clients, no money and no idea. It's my way of paying back to a profession that has given me so much so quickly - a nice income, satisfying work and as many global adventures as I can handle.


Carvoeira laptop 3
Hard at work in Carvoeira, Portugal (June 2016). This past year I also swam with manta rays on the Great Barrier Reef, played digital nomad for 5 weeks in Cordoba, Argentina, enjoyed long summer days in Spain and Italy, spent two weeks in Tasmania and had over a month in the Bolivian rainforest - all funded by my freelance writing. Even with all that travelling, I still had my most lucrative year ever.



In the past few years, I've shared antelope stew with pygmies in Gabon, tracked pumas in Paraguay, discovered unknown waterfalls in Australia's Kimberley region, filmed a cranky wild orangutan in Borneo, camped on a desert island in Papua New Guinea, survived a flash flood in British Columbia and eaten jungle fish caught with a bow and arrow. There's no reason your travels can't be just as memorable. But first, there's the little matter of learning how to write for a living so you can pay for it all....


This site is specifically designed to help you become a Jet-setting Copywriter as quickly as possible. For those who are more interested in my river journeys, they have a website all their own. Please head over to or check out the Remote River Man YouTube channel, where you'll find a few videos like these:



So what exactly is copywriting?

A copywriter helps businesses market their products and services by creating compelling copy that persuades, informs and raises brand awareness. The aim of good copywriting is to get people to take action. This type of writing can encompass a wide range of projects: website copy (landing pages, e-commerce product descriptions, etc.), advertisements, articles, speech writing, tutorials, press releases, brochures, emails, lead-generating copy, case studies (customer success stories), white papers, blog posts, annual reports, video scripts and more. You can make money from less business-focused niches too, such as ghost-writing books or producing magazine articles. Some copywriters add other services to their repertoire such as editing, proofreading, social media management or basic web design.


What kind of money can be made?

As a freelance copywriter, you decide how many hours you want to work and the types of clients you want to pursue. If you want, you can ease into freelancing gradually, keeping your current job and writing part-time to make sure it's a good fit for you. Later, you can jump into full-time if or when you feel you're ready.


Freelance copywriting isn't a get-rich-quick scheme - it's hard work. You must treat writing as a profession, not a hobby. You have to be able to market yourself, write and edit to a reasonable standard, manage your time and energy efficiently, pursue new business when things slow down, treat clients well, meet deadlines and offer the kind of value that sets you apart from your competitors. How much money you make depends on your personal goals and how you define 'success'.



Lady Elliot me at sunset 1
Being a Jet-setting Copywriter isn't for everyone - focus and self-motivation are at least as important as writing skill (there are plenty of so-so writers making excellent livings as copywriters). So what will you write? The most lucrative writing markets these days are health, wealth and technology, but I've crafted articles on all kinds of topics: app development, travel medicine, financial services and even how to choose a good taxidermist. I've written product descriptions for riding boots, subscriber emails for software companies, product guides for steel frame home construction, magazine articles, website copy for non-profits, landing pages for White Papers, narration for award-winning documentaries, insurance case studies, opinion pieces and much more.  


If I felt an overwhelming urge to fly to Botswana next week and track desert elephants with the Kalahari Bushmen, I could do that. I have that freedom. I also have the time and the money. If I want to spend a month backpacking through Costa Rica later this year, I could arrange my schedule to fit that adventure in between writing jobs. For me, it's all about the lifestyle that copywriting provides - not the money itself. I want my life to be experience-rich, but I have no interest in 'being rich'.


In my first six months of serious freelance writing, I went from zero clients to earning $7000 per month. When I'm not gallivanting around the globe, I can make over $10,000 per month if I buckle down and focus on earning. In my eBook I explain exactly how I earn the money that pays for all my global adventures. The beauty of copywriting is that you can work as little or as much as you wish, depending on your personal circumstances and what you're trying to achieve.


What's needed to get started?

Freelance writing is a very inexpensive business to set up. Do you already own a PC or laptop? Congratulations - you're 90% there! What you really need are clients. Where will you find them? How will you keep them? How much will they pay you and what will you write for them? The answers to these questions depend on the direction you want to take your writing business. You're the one in charge of your future.


Cabin in the woods
Freelance writing is all about flexibility. Work from home while the kids are asleep. Work 8 hours a week or work 35. Write about dog breeds, investment, pilates or ecommerce - it's up to you. As long as your clients are happy and you're enjoying the work, it doesn't matter if you're writing from your living room, a cafe in Zurich, a beachside apartment in Cartagena or beside a log fire in a cabin in the woods. A globe-trotting writing career can fit in nicely with all sorts of other travel adventures, too: international house-sitting, caretaking, learning a foreign language, volunteering, etc. 


You may be someone who has never written for money before. You may be an existing writer unhappy with your current income. You may be looking for a way to spend less of your life working and more of it travelling. You may want to use professional writing as a stepping stone toward a digital nomad lifestyle.


Let me tell you something. I've met freelance writers who have spent up to $10,000 on all manner of seminars, books, writing courses, podcasts and who knows what else before they made a cent as writers themselves. This is absolutely crazy. You don't need to do that. You don't need a university degree either - for a copywriter, it's a complete irrelevance. You don't even need experience. Many of the world's highest-paid freelance writers started out in jobs that had nothing to do with writing.


To succeed as a globe-trotting freelance copywriter, here's what you really need: drive, self-discipline, reasonable writing skill, time management skills, a desire to learn and a little help from someone who has 'been there, done that' and can guide you along the way and give you the straight facts. You need to find out where the real money is (and I can tell you, most freelancers are looking in all the wrong places). You need to learn how to quickly create a solid writing business from scratch and make it profitable right now.


You don't have to spend your freelance writing profits discovering unknown waterfalls, traipsing around Europe or visiting remote jungles like I do. You could use it to pay for more mundane things like your mortgage, your daughter's braces, your credit card debt or the weekly groceries. My River With No Name expedition in tropical Australia is just one of many incredible global journeys I have paid for by writing for a living.


Many of the questions you're bound to have about achieving your own Jet-setting Copywriter lifestyle will be answered either within the blog posts on this site or in my best-selling eBook. If you still have questions about how to combine professional writing, travel and adventure, you can reach me at: I'd love to hear from you.


If I'm not photographing leopards in the wilds of Tanzania, swimming with whale sharks off the west coast of Australia or in the middle of a marathon article-writing session somewhere in the heart of Prague, I'll get back to you sooner rather than later....  



Remoteriverman swamp paddle photo website
My month-long, solo expedition along the wild Ecstall River in British Columbia included some tricky swamp sections, innumerable beaver dam obstacles, howling wolves at night and over a dozen black bear sightings. On sunny days like this, life was pretty sweet....

Austria Seefeld street scene 1
When you're playing digital nomad, it's important to drag yourself away from the laptop now and then and soak up the local scenery. This is Seefeld, Austria in early September during a crafts festival. I completely paid for this trip by writing several 2500-word articles for an insurance company.

What do you believe is the main contributor to human happiness? Health? Love? Financial security? An amazing social life? According to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, it's autonomy: the feeling that the activities and habits of your life are under your control.