Hi, I'm Kevin Casey. I became a professional freelance writer in 2013 after deciding I needed a more reliable source of income and a more flexible lifestyle. My habit of wandering the globe to explore pristine river systems was getting expensive, and I wanted to find a way to make enough money to work part of the year and spend the rest travelling.

I went from zero clients to earning over $7000 a month in less than six months, and quickly reached the point where I was funding all my overseas adventures while working just 7 or 8 months a year. It's an amazing lifestyle - I just wish I'd started earlier!

'The Jet-setting Copywriter' is really four things: a person (me), the blog site you're reading, an extremely popular eBook for aspiring writers and a way of life. I created this website to help others who want to build a thriving writing business from scratch and control their own destiny - both at the keyboard and away from it.  





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When I'm not making money from writing, I explore hard-to-reach parts of the world - like this stretch of the upper Rewa River in Guyana. I spent a month paddling through this untouched wilderness with a Makushi tribesman.




Slovenia Lake Bled 1
Slovenia is one of my favourite countries in Europe. While sitting on a bench along the shores of beautiful Lake Bled, I received an email that led to tens of thousands of dollars in writing work. These kinds of pleasant surprises are all part of being a jet-setting copywriter.

As a professional copywriter, I can work from just about anywhere on earth. With a laptop, a PayPal account and reliable Wi-Fi, I'm in business. New clients often don't know (or care) where I am when they hire me (my last client meeting was in 2014 and happened on a beach). I nabbed one of my highest-paying Australian clients while holidaying at Lake Bled, Slovenia - and later earned over $40,000 from that single client. 

That's the advantage of freelance copywriting: it gives you plenty of choices. You can work from home, work to pay for travel or work while you're traipsing around the planet - the choice is entirely yours. And your clients can come from any English-speaking nation on earth: I've written for businesses in the US, Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand and more.

What's my greatest obstacle as a travelling freelance writer? The answer may surprise you. It's not demanding clients (my clients are awesome), traffic noise (noise-cancelling headphones work great), strange food (it's all part of the adventure), tight deadlines (I usually set my own), sporadic Internet connections, dodgy hotels (I can afford nice places these days) or writer's block - it's procrastination.

If you think it's hard to buckle down and write at home or from an AirBnB apartment in a foreign city, wait until you try it in a sunny paradise like Raratonga in the Cook Islands (the view from my beach shack is shown at right), the coast of Belize, unspoiled Niue or Lady Elliot Island on the Great Barrier Reef - it's a real character builder! In places like this, sometimes it's better to admit defeat and just leave the laptop at home.

Cook Islands 2006 1
Photos of laptop-tapping freelancers on tropical beaches are an overused cliche. In the real world, sand gets blown onto your keyboard, the bright sun reflects off the computer screen and your Mai Tai spills over everything. I visit lots of amazing beaches around the world but rarely work on them. I swim instead....

Bolivia Madidi caught piranha
With large members of the piranha family, it's always best to catch and eat them before they catch and eat you. A hand-line does the job. Getting the hook out of their mouths without losing a fingertip is the tricky bit. I've enjoyed dozens of delicious piranha dinners in South America.

Before taking the plunge into freelance copywriting, I honed my wordsmith skills by writing and publishing several books, including:

Jobs Abroad: The Australian Traveller's Guide to Working Overseas (1992)

Attracting Frogs to Your Garden: Creating an Ideal Habitat for Native Frogs in Your Own Backyard (1996)

Australian Bush Survival Skills: A Complete Guide to Surviving in the Wild (2000)

Australian Chess Brilliancies: Creative Attacking Chess from Down Under (2009).

I also dabble in wilderness film-making (see remoteriverman.com or check out the Remote River Man YouTube channel), animal tracking and competitive chess (I'm a former Alaska State Chess Champion). In my down-time I listen to old-school music like this, this and this while daydreaming of undiscovered waterfalls and encounters with rare wildlife in little-known parts of the world. My writer website is at kevincaseycopywriter.com.